NCAA Rules

As you may know the NCAA defines a booster in a number of ways, but perhaps the most recognizable is simply as an individual who makes a financial contribution to the athletic department or to a specific athletic booster organization. As a member of the Tiger Athletic Foundation, it is important to know that you are indeed considered to be a “Booster” of LSU Athletics because of the definition above.

As a booster of LSU we ask for your help in understanding and abiding by the following information to ensure that our programs operate consistent with NCAA and SEC rules and regulations. The information below is intended to remind you of some basic principles that all LSU Boosters should be aware of.


  • Don’t do anything for a recruit or enrolled student-athlete without specific and clear authorization from the LSU Athletic Department.
  • Only coaches and athletic department staff members may be involved in the recruiting process.
  • A prospect remains a "recruit" until they maintain a full-time schedule of classes (12 hours or more) and have physically attended class. More details can be found on the new LSU Compliance website. Specific information regarding your interaction as a poster can be found under the “Fans & Boosters” tab at the top of the webpage.
  • The rules against contact with a recruit are not intended to relate to unavoidable incidental contacts between a prospect and a booster.
    • Such contact is permissible so long as it is:
      • Not prearranged by the booster or an athletic department staff member
      • Doesn’t take place on the grounds of the recruits educational institution (High School/Junior College) or at his/her practice or competition site
      • It is not made for the purpose of recruitment and involves normal activity
    • In other words, if you meet a recruit during the normal course of business or social activities, there is no violation as long as you don’t discuss LSU athletics. Politely inform the recruit that all questions and discussion about LSU athletics should be directed to the coaching staff.
  • If a current student-athlete accepts any benefit based on his/her special consideration as an athlete or because of athletics skill, the student-athlete may lose eligibility for intercollegiate competition or practice.
  • NCAA rules regarding student-athletes remain in effect throughout the entire year, including summer vacation.

For additional Information and guidelines you should review the Compliance Department’s website.