Priority Points

LSU Athletics and TAF implemented the priority points system to fairly distribute LSU Athletics tickets by recognizing donors' commitment to LSU Athletics through TAF and other TAF affiliated organizations.

How points are used

LSU season tickets, parking permits, away game, postseason, and SEC Championship game tickets are allocated based on priority point ranking. The LSU Ticket Office uses two categories of points, lifetime and philanthropic, to allocate tickets.

Lifetime Ranking

Lifetime giving is used for away game tickets, postseason tickets, and SEC Championship tickets. Lifetime giving points include all philanthropic points plus points received for Tradition Fund or TAF Annual Ticket Fund gifts.

Philanthropic Ranking

Philanthropic points are used for distribution of season tickets and parking. Philanthropic points are awarded for gifts to TAF philanthropic programs, LSU booster clubs, and all TAF affiliated organizations.

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How to earn points

Priority points are awarded on every dollar of support to TAF programs and TAF affiliated organizations. Partial points are awarded. Priority points are categorized in two categories: lifetime giving and philanthropic giving.

1 point per $1,000


Earn 1 point per $1,000 for any Tradition Fund or TAF Annual Ticket Fund. Points from ticket fund gifts are included in lifetime giving total only. 

Earn 1 point per $1,000 for gifts to LSU booster clubs or TAF affiliated organizations. LSU booster club gifts and gifts to TAF affiliated organizations are included in philanthropic giving total and lifetime giving total.

  • LSU Foundation
  • The LSU Alumni Association
  • Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • LSU Health Sciences — Shreveport
  • LSU Health Sciences — New Orleans

2 points per $1,000

2 pts

Earn 2 points per $1,000 for gifts to any TAF philanthropic program plus bonus points.

  • 1 point: $50–$99
  • 3 points: $100–$2,499
  • 5 points: $2,500–$4,999
  • 10 points: $5,000–$9,999
  • 20 points: $10,000–$24,999
  • 50 points: $25,000–$49,999
  • 100 points: $50,000–$99,999
  • 200 points: $100,000+

Contributions toward TAF philanthropic programs are 100% tax deductible

5 points for a Planned Gift


As of January 1, 2017, donors are able to receive 5 points for any properly documented planned gift valued at $10,000 or more to TAF, the LSU Alumni Association, or the LSU Foundation. This is a one-time award, meaning that donors may qualify for only one award regardless of the number of planned gifts made.

Learn about planned giving

Also, earn points based on your existing membership

  • 1 point per year for Collegiate Club and Recent Grad members
  • 5 points for LSU Varsity Letter winners (one time award)
  • Bonus points for consecutive years of giving include 3 points at 10 years, 5 points at 20 years, and 7 points at 30 years


TAF contribution vs. tradition fund

The Tradition Fund consists of annual seat contributions associated with football, basketball and baseball season tickets paid to the LSU Athletic Department. Approximately 45,000 football season tickets and parking permits carry a Tradition Fund contribution. Tradition Fund contributions are often confused with the TAF annual seat contribution. There are approximately 11,000 football season tickets and parking permits that carry a TAF annual contribution. Both Tradition Fund and TAF seats and parking permits are included in the pool of available inventory for new assignments. There are season tickets that do not have a contribution associated with them through the LSU Athletic Department. All football season tickets through TAF have a seat contribution. Tradition Fund contributions are at the same price level as the per seat TAF contribution. To learn more, see the full Priority Point Policy or contact us.

How do I get season tickets?

Season tickets are available at New season tickets are allocated based on an individual's TAF philanthropic ranking.

How do I get season parking passes?

Like season tickets, parking passes are available at Distribution of parking passes are also based on TAF philanthropic ranking. An individual is required to have season tickets for a sport to be eligible to purchase season parking passes for that sport.

How do I get away game, SEC Championship, bowl game, and postseason tickets?

Away game, SEC Championship, bowl game, and postseason tickets are available through the ticket office at These tickets are allocated based on lifetime giving ranking.


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