We are Tiger Athletic Foundation

Since 1987, TAF members have impacted the lives of LSU student-athletes.  The day to day operation is managed by our business office under the direction of our Board of Directors.

Our Team

Executive Department


Rick Perry

President & Chief Executive Officer


David Hardy

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

(225) 578-8256

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Stephanie Johnston

Director of Human Resources

(225) 578-0185

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Chrislyn Maher

Director of Marketing & Communications

(225) 578-1224

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Katie Bulot 2

Katie Bulot

Assistant to the President & CEO

(225) 578-0180

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Erica Laroux

Assistant to the Executive Vice President & General Counsel

(225) 578-1035

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Lyles Stephanie

Stephanie Lyles

Graphic Designer

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Rossben Copy

Ben Ross

Vice President of Development

(225) 578-0617

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Derek Denton

Executive Director of Development

(225) 578-0162

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Bunnie Cannon

Executive Director of Development Support Services

(225) 578-0302

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Courtney Albritton

Courtney Albritton

Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship

(225) 578-0159

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Jarred Clarkson

Development Officer

(225) 578-7045

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Dan Canevari

Development Officer

(225) 578-0864

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Didier Beau Web Version

Beau Didier

Development Officer

(225) 578-0332

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Justin Vincent

Development Officer

(225) 578-2821

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Luke Kassmeyer

Development Officer, Annual Giving

(225) 578-0976

Email Luke


Emily Newcomb

Assistant to the Vice President of Development

(225) 578-0161

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Accounting & Finance


Alicia Vidrine

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

(225) 578-0168

Traylorroger Copy

Roger Traylor

Executive Director of Accounting & Finance

(225) 578-5193

Email Roger


Lindsay Rivet

Director of Accounting & Finance

(225) 578-0175

Email Lindsay


Darlene Arnaud

Assistant to the Vice President & CFO Accounts Payable

(225) 578-0167

Email Darlene


Jamie Graham

Director of Ticketing & Parking

(225) 578-0170

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Mary Dupont

Staff Assistant - Contracts & Records

(225) 578-0125

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Amanda Shaffer

Database Coordinator

(225) 578-0179

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Scallanwanda Copy

Wanda Scallan

Staff Assistant - Receivables

(225) 578-0174

Email Wanda


Logan Cambre

Staff Accountant

(225) 578-0387

Email Logan


Karen Hoover

Assistant to the Database Coordinator

(225) 578-7646

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Kellermolly Copy1

Molly Keller Aronhime

Office Coordinator

(225) 578-0157

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Operations and Services

Carvalhidojoe Copy

Joe Carvalhido

Vice President Operations & Services

(225) 578-0246

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Vitzross Copy

Ross Viltz

Executive Director, Stadium Club West

(225) 578-8837

Email Ross

Suzanne Copy

Suzanne Millican

Assistant to the Vice President

(225) 578-0172

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Turnerlindsay Copy

Lindsay Turner

Director of Premium Seating, Tiger Den Suites East

(225) 578-0166

Email Lindsay


Kimberly Ludwig Littlefield

Director of Premium Seating, Stadium Club South

(225) 578-0566

Email Kimberly

Dicksonsara Copy

Sara Dickson

Director of Premium Seating, Tiger Den Suites

(225) 578-4735

Email Sara


Mallory McGuffey

Director of Premium Seating, Alex Box Suites

(225) 578-8617

Email Mallory


Berry Fountain

Assistant Director of Premium Seating

(225) 578-0183

Email Berry

Hannah Pope

Hannah C. Pope

Event Coordinator

(225) 578-0171

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Board Of Directors

Jake Netterville
Executive Committee
Chairman of the Board

Baton Rouge, LA

Brian P. Cheramie
Executive Committee
Chairman of the Board-Elect

Golden Meadow, LA

E. Robert "Bobby" Theriot
Executive Committee
Immediate Past Chairman of the Board

Houston, TX

R. Craig Rathjen

Executive Committee

Houston, TX

Todd Schexnayder

Executive Committee
Baton Rouge, LA

Eric D. Hill
Executive Committee

New Orleans, LA

Dwayne Honore'
Executive Committee

Baton Rouge, LA

Joe Larussa
Executive Committee

Mandeville, LA

Melinda Mangham
Executive Committee

Lafayette, LA

David Roberts
Executive Committee

Baton Rouge, LA

Theresa M. Gallion
Executive Committee

Tampa, FL

Bruce A. Adams

Morgan City, LA

Woody D. Bilyeu

Winnfield, LA

Trey Boucvalt

Austin, TX

Pete Bush

Baton Rouge, LA

Linda Dowling

Shreveport, LA

Janice M. Guitreau

Gonzales, LA

Thomas Juneau

Lafayette, LA

Ric Kearny

Baton Rouge, LA

Leigh D. King

Baton Rouge, LA

Ronald LaBorde

Baton Rouge, LA

Eric Lane

Baton Rouge, LA

Laura A. Leach

Lake Charles, LA

Michael E. Olinde

Baton Rouge, LA

Darrel J. Papillion

Baton Rouge, LA

Robert J. Patrick

New Orleans, LA

Charles H. Penn, III

Keithville, LA

Allyson Pharr

Lafayette, LA

Steve Robinson

Houston, TX

Jerry Shea, Jr.

New Iberia, LA

Steven J. Sherman

Baton Rouge, LA

Aimee Simon

Baton Rouge, LA

Kelly Spears

Metairie, LA

David Toms

Shreveport, LA

Beth Tope

Baton Rouge, LA

Doug White

Archibald, LA

Charles S. "Burney" Williams

New Orleans, LA

Sandy Young

Baton Rouge, LA

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