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We are on a quest to make the LSU athletic program the best in America. Generous TAF donors help make champions of LSU teams and successful graduates of the university. The success and influence of TAF is ultimately dependent on donations from Tiger fans and LSU alumni from all over the world.

Become a full time member of TAF by donating a minimum of $50 a year to the:

The Team TAF Champions Fund


($50 minimum donation)


Or select one of the scholarship or philanthropic programs shown on the left side column

Below are the different membership levels you can reach each year

TAF Donor Benefit Chart

Joining the Tiger Athletic Foundation has tremendous benefits for the individual LSU fan, but also for the many student-athletes and programs supported by your donation. Please see the following chart to understand the membership benefits available for different philanthropic donation levels.

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LSU Membership Chart
- Donations to TAF Philanthropic Programs will receive 2 philanthropic priority points per $1,000 donated. Starting on 1/1/2017 gifts benefitting academic programs made to LSU Affiliated Organizations will receive 1 philanthropic priority point per $1,000 donated. LSU Affiliated Organizations include: LSU Foundation, LSU Alumni Association, LSU Law School, LSU Vet School, LSU AG Center, LSU Health Sciences Center Foundation in New Orleans and the LSU Health Sciences Foundation in Shreveport.
- Donors who give philanthropically for consecutive years will be awarded with additional philanthropic priority points. The scale is as follows: 10 years - 3 bonus points, 20 years - 5 bonus points, 30 years - 7 bonus points.
- For making a properly documented planned gift valued at $10,000 or more to TAF or another LSU Affiliated Organization, donors will be awarded 5 philanthropic priority points. Points will be awarded once regardless of the amount of planned gifts a donor makes. Points will be awarded once all proper paperwork has been submitted through the TAF Planned Giving Office.