2021 Renewal and Deadline Information


2021 Renewal and Deadline Information

TAF provides renewal statements for the next year’s football ticket contributions and philanthropic donations, including Team TAF, each January.  Our process aligns with the LSU Ticket Office to provide ticket holders and TAF members greater ease in renewing their annual memberships. Payment of invoices is required for season ticket and parking permit renewals.   

Should you have any questions regarding invoices, please contact us at (225) 578-4823 or

2021 Deadlines

In an effort to allow fans the opportunity to receive season tickets and parking passes earlier, the LSU Athletic Ticket Office and TAF adjusted the football season ticket renewal timeline and priority point deadline starting with the 2020 season. 

March 1. Ticket and Parking Contribution Deadline | Deadline to pay your 2021 TAF Ticket and Parking contributions, LSU Tradition Fund contributions, and ticket and parking costs.  An invoice representing the cost of your 2021 football season tickets and parking permits will be sent to you separately by the LSU Ticket Office. Click here to login to your account and pay your TAF ticket or parking contribution. 

Ticket and Parking Upgrades and Request List Deadline | Requests for ticket and parking upgrades as well as new or additional tickets and parking, can be made online beginning in January 2021 at  Please note that there are separate request lists for upgrading current season tickets and obtaining new season tickets/parking permits.  The request list will close on March 1, 2021. Also, donors that have purchased a non-renewable parking permit in previous seasons must also reapply for the 2021 parking request list before the March 1 deadline.

March 31. Priority Point Deadline | Deadline to increase philanthropic priority point ranking as it relates to the upcoming football season tickets and parking permits. Deadline to increase philanthropic priority point ranking as it relates to the upcoming men's and women's basketball season tickets and parking permits. Deadline to increase lifetime priority point ranking as it relates to upcoming football away game tickets. 

Payment Plans  Payment plans are available.  To set up a payment plan, login to your online account or contact TAF at (225) 578-4823.  Please be aware that a payment plan must be set up by March 1 and the final payment must be by completed by June 1.   

Annual Membership

We provide the previous year’s Team TAF members with an invoice to make renewing your membership convenient.  The invoice will reflect the amount of your 2020 giving, which you may use as a guide in choosing what to give in 2021.  We hope that you will consider continuing to be part of the team in 2021.  You can join Team TAF any point during the giving year.   

Renew or Join Team TAF | Login to your account and renew your membership or pay your TAF ticket or parking contribution.  You can also quickly donate to Team TAF without logging in to your account at lsutaf.org  If you choose not to login, please provide your mailing address and email address on file so that proper priority point credit may be attributed to your account. 

What is an annual membership? TAF annual membership is defined as an annual donation of at least $50 or more to Team TAF, or any sport or program.   
Does my season ticket contributions grant me membership? If your season ticket contribution is to TAF then yes, but we encourage you to consider making a Team TAF or philanthropic gift too!    
If your ticket contribution is paid to the LSU Athletics Ticket Office, then no, this does not grant you TAF membership.  The LSU Athletics Ticket Office calls their ticket contribution the Tradition Fund. Approximately, 45,000 football season tickets and parking permits carry a Tradition Fund contribution.  Only about 11,000 football season tickets and parking permits have a TAF contribution associated with them.  There are also football season tickets that do not have a seat contribution associated with them through the LSU Athletics Ticket Office. 

Why should I join?  We encourage all supporters of LSU Athletics to join the Team behind the Tigers, Team TAF.  As a member of Team TAF you not only support our day-to-day operations, but you also support the 21 varsity sports of LSU Athletics.  Learn more about the membership benefits of making an annual gift.      

Trouble logging in to your account?

In late 2019, TAF launched a new donation management system. You can now donate to a TAF fund or program, manage your account, edit account information, and manage your LSU Athletics ticket purchases all in one place.  TAF account numbers and ticket office numbers and login credentials are now the same!   

If you have never accessed your ticket office/TAF account online, you must activate your account within the new system in order to purchase tickets and manage your TAF donations.  Login information was sent via email on October 9, 2019.  

Having trouble logging in?  Call us at (225) 578-4823.