A Letter from Scott Woodward


A Letter from Scott Woodward

Dear Tiger fans,

I am writing today because so many of you have reached out to me and our friends at the Tiger Athletic Foundation asking how you can help during this unprecedented time in our history. We, as an LSU family, have always circled the wagons during challenging times, and today is no different. We all know first-hand how important LSU Athletics is to our community, state and alumni all over the world. It all begins and ends with our student-athletes and the support and access we are able to provide them here at LSU.

 LSU is one of the very few programs in the nation who has remained self-sufficient in our operations. As you well know, we do not add to the financial burden of our students, university or state by requiring tax dollars, student fees or any other source of public funding. In fact, LSU Athletics has directed tens of millions of dollars in support of our university. All the while, through your help, we have built one of the most successful college athletic programs in the nation by any and all measure.

 The financial realities of the spread of COVID-19 on our program are significant. Decreased capacity in Tiger Stadium and the costs of operating with COVID-19 measures in place will lead to unprecedented revenue losses in the tens of millions of dollars. Reducing the impact of those losses on our student-athletes is our top priority. Our need to fundraise is greater now than in any other time in our history and we are asking for your assistance.

 To help address this serious shortfall, we have set up The Victory Fund. This fund, created by the Tiger Athletic Foundation, will help to provide financial support for our most critical areas of need including scholarships, healthcare and academic support for student-athletes.

This is so critical for our department and our student-athlete that, for the first time in our history, we are offering additional Priority Points for donations to this tax-deductible Victory Fund. It is our hope that this offer, in addition to new tax laws this year with significant incentives for charitable giving, will help us to position LSU Athletics for success for decades to come.

In spite of our very real challenges, I remain optimistic about our future, in large part, because of your support, your passion and your commitment to our student-athletes. I could not be more grateful for each of you even as I know the challenges of this time impact all of us in our personal and professional lives. Most importantly, I hope this letter finds you and yours well.

Take care and Geaux Tigers


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