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How Can I Support Mike the Tiger's Habitat Fund?

Help Tiger Athletic Foundation continue to support regular maintenance and upgrades to our beloved mascot’s habitat. There are two way to donate

Mike the Tiger’s Brick and Paver Program
Donating a brick or paver gives donors the opportunity to leave their legacy with Mike the Tiger’s Habitat. Each spring and fall, Tiger fans donate personalized bricks and pavers purchased through Tiger Athletic Foundation. Messages of love for Mike and for LSU fill the viewing space at the front of the habitat. Donated funds are put into the Mike the Tiger Habitat Fund.

The Mike the Tiger Brick and Paver sale is currently closed.  It will reopen in May 2018.  

Questions about the Brick and Paver Program?  Contact Nathan Triche at NathanT@lsutaf.org or (225)578-0163.


Mike the Tiger’s Habitat Fund
Donations made directly to Mike the Tiger’s Habitat fund are held by Tiger Athletic Foundation and used in the event that Mike’s state-of-the-art habitat needs a little TLC or major construction. By utilizing these private funds to care for the facility, it eliminates the need to use state funds or student fees and alleviates financial burden from the university.

To donate directly to the fund, enter your donation amount in the box at the top of this page or contact our development office at (225)578-4823.



About Mike The Tiger's Habitat Fund

Mike the Tiger, a famed live Tiger that serves as the graphic image of all LSU Athletics teams, resides between Tiger Stadium and the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

In 2005, a $3.7 million 15,000-square foot environment was created during the reign of Mike V that included lush planting, a live oak tree, a waterfall and a stream evolving from a rocky backdrop overflowing with plants and trees.

The backdrop of Mike's Habitat features an Italianate tower - a campanile - that creates a visual bridge to the architectural vernacular that is the underpinning of the entire LSU campus. This spectacular habitat allows for state-of-the-art technologies, research, conservation and husbandry programs, as well as educational, interpretive and recreational activities.

It is, in essence, one of the largest and finest Tiger habitats in the United States. It's also become one of the most visited landmarks in the state of Louisiana.

In preparation for the arrival of Mike VII in the summer of 2017, several enhancements were made to the habitat. The enhancements include a comfort rock, rockwork tree, improved water features, and resurfacing of the pool.

The comfort rock is a naturalistic element within the habitat that provides a heated or cooled surface for ultimate relaxation in Mike's Habitat. The rockwork tree imitates a tiger's natural habitat and serves to soften the impact of the steel column supporting the overhead mesh canopy.

The pool and stream system will help keep Mike cool in the summer months and foster health activity.

At a cost of approximately $950,000, the project was fully funded through the Tiger Athletic Foundation. Many of the enhancements were made possible through a generous donation from Kelly and Harper Spears. Additionally, funding from supporters of TAF's Mike the Tiger Brick Program helped cover cost of this project and future maintenance of the habitat. These donations continue to be a testament to the love the LSU family has for our live Tiger mascot, Mike.