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This is where student-athletes become Fighting Tigers.

The LSU Football Operations Facility is the foundation of our team’s efforts to compete for national championships every year. As the center of the LSU Football universe, it is where players practice, train, and meet on a daily basis. Everything from the coaches’ offices to the film room to the trophies of former Tiger legends is contained within its walls. Unless it’s Saturday night in Death Valley, you will likely find every player, coach, and athletic trainer hard at work in the Football Operations Facility.

The success of LSU Football directly relies on the continued improvement of the Football Operations Facility. As the LSU football program continues to grow in size and stature, and as the sport evolves, the need for additional space and resources is tremendous.

For example, advances in athletic training have expanded our focus from not only the health of the athlete but also their nutrition and wellness. Developments in strength training have increased our need for newer, safer weight and cardiovascular equipment. The intensity and frequency of practices call for a locker room capable of being more than a changing room; it is a high-tech team hub that works in the background to keep equipment clean, dry, and ready for the field.

Expanding and updating the Football Operations Facility brings all of these improvements under one roof, giving our players, coaches, and training staff the tools they need to achieve success on the recruiting trail and on the field.

You can learn more about the expansion at lsufootballops.com.



The LSU Football Building Fund assists LSU in improving and maintaining its football facilities.  The Football Building Fund is responsible for several different projects, including; the LSU Football Operations Building, the Lawton Room, and the Football Locker Room.

The design and construction of this project is subject to consideration and approval by the Board of Supervisors of Louisiana State University.