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About Football Operations

This project was made possible thanks to the great support of the LSU Football Building Fund!

LSU's Football Operations Center is an all-in-one facility that includes football offices, a locker room, a training room, an equipment room and a video operations center. The $15 million facility is located on Skip Bertman Drive at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility. Built in 2006, the facility is one of the finest of its kind in college athletics, allowing more efficient time for dressing, training and practicing for the LSU football team.

The Football Operations Center includes:



       The William B. Lawton Squad Room                                               The Anderson-Feazel Indoor Practice Field



 The Scott & Espe Moran Outdoor Turf Field                The Bayou Bengals of Houma Student Athlete Lounge


For more information on naming opporunties please contact a member of our Development Office.  For more information on the Football Operations Center, please click here.

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