Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Tiger Athletic Foundation? Most of the questions we receive are answered in the sections below. However, if you have another question, or need further information about your issue, please visit the Contact Us page or call us during regular business hours at 800.644.4823

In future years will I have the opportunity to relocate my tickets if I desire?

Football season ticket holders in good standing can request a change in ticket location at the time of renewal each year. Requests will be handled based on ticket availability and LSU Priority Point ranking.

What other amenities are available to TAF donors?

Based on total donation and priority point rank, TAF members may be eligible to purchase season football tickets and parking passes, purchase away game tickets, bowl tickets, and Southeastern Conference Championship Game tickets. You will also receive exclusive Internet communication from TAF, a TAF decal, and a membership card that will allow entry to all TAF tailgate parties.

Is the cost of the season football ticket and parking pass included in my donation?

NO, donations are separate and apart from the cost of season tickets and parking.

What is the difference between a TAF Ticket Donation and Tradition Fund?

The Tradition Fund consists of donations associated with football, basketball, and baseball season tickets paid to the LSU Athletic Department. The Tradition Fund was implemented in 2004 for football. Approximately 45,000 football season tickets have an LSU Tradition Fund donation associated with their tickets and parking permit.

Tradition Fund donations are often confused with the TAF donations. A limited amount of season tickets are associated with TAF donations.

Tradition Fund donations are now the same price levels as the per seat TAF Donations. These donations earn 1 point per $1,000 donated and do receive fractional point credit.

There are football season tickets that do not have seat donations associated with them through the LSU Athletic Department. All football season tickets through TAF have a seat donation.

How are new season tickets assigned?

New season ticket and parking permit requests will be processed through waiting lists available at Available season tickets and permits will be assigned in Philanthropic Priority Point order by the LSU Athletic Ticket Office and TAF.

How can I improve my current football season tickets?

Complete the LSU and TAF Seating/Parking Upgrade Form that is located at and submit to the LSU Athletic Ticket Office by March 31st. In order for the ticket office to be aware of your interests for upgrade/relocation you must fill out the upgrade form every year. Each request is specific to the year and seat location. Previous requests will not be considered. TAF and the LSU Ticket Office do not imply or make any guarantee to season ticket holders regarding the upgrade/relocation of seats. Upgrade requests will be sorted by the LSU Philanthropic Priority Point rankings as of April 30. Please be aware that ticket limitations will be considered in regard to ticket/parking relocations.

Why does my friend not have to give as much as me, yet he has better seats than I do?

Your friend might have had season tickets for many years and has renewed them accordingly. They can keep their existing seat location as long as they pay the seat donation connected with the season tickets each year. That amount may be less than your annual donation.

How can I change the name(s) on an account due to marriage, divorce, or death?

Provide the appropriate legal document (i.e. marriage license, divorce decree, death certificate, etc.) to the LSU Athletic Ticket Office in order to make any changes. You may fax, mail, or hand-deliver a copy for our records. View Contact Us page for contact information. We will make the changes to your account once the appropriate documentation has been received, verified, processed and approved. All transfer policies will be applicable to the tickets that must be transferred.

Why is there a renewal deadline?

Because of the great demand for the best seating locations and the limited release of tickets each season, a deadline is set so vacant seats can be offered to season ticket holders requesting a seat change or to new season ticket holders. Due to the high volume of requests to be processed, the renewal deadline must be strictly enforced.

Once I obtain season tickets, can I renew them every year?

Payment for the seat donations must be received by the renewal deadline in order to be eligible for the same seating location. The renewal deadlines are March 31 (football), August 31 (Men’s and Women’s Basketball), and October 31 (Baseball).

How do I request additional season tickets?

You will need to place your name on the season ticket wait list located at LSU Philanthropic Priority Points will be frozen on April 30 for football, July 31 for men’s and women’s basketball, and October 31 for baseball for distribution for any available season tickets. If seats are available when your philanthropic priority point ranking is reached, you will be contacted with available seat locations. Available season tickets are totally dependent on renewals, how many people are on the wait list and what your philanthropic ranking is on the wait list as of the freeze date.

When will I receive my season tickets?

Football season tickets are usually shipped during the month of August.

What if I can’t attend a game or want to give my tickets to someone else?

The LSU Athletics Ticket Office offers the Ticket Marketplace and electronic ticket forwarding programs as convenient methods to sell or share your tickets. As a season ticket holder in football, basketball, and/or baseball, you can resell your tickets on the LSU Ticket Marketplace on an event-by-event basis safely and securely. This allows other LSU fans the opportunity to attend games that you may be unable to attend. If you simply want to give your individual games tickets to friends or family, electronic ticket forwarding allows you to send your tickets electronically via e-mail so that they may be conveniently printed and used.