Definitions and Explanations

Lifetime Ranking

Lifetime giving points include all donations made to TAF philanthropic projects and ticket surcharges, these points are used to assign away game tickets and bowl tickets. 

Philanthropic Ranking

Philanthropic points are based only on donations made to philanthropic projects (see the bar on the left side of the page for full listing) and are used to assign new tickets and parking as well as upgrades to these items.

TAF Donation vs. Tradition Fund

The Tradition Fund consists of donations associated with football, basketball, and baseball tickets paid to the Athletic Department.  These donations were started in 2004 for football.  Approximately 45,000 football season tickets have an LSU Tradition Fund donation associated with them.

Tradition Fund donations are often confused with the TAF donations.  A limited amount of season tickets are associated with TAF donations.

Tradition Fund donations are now the same price levels as the per seat TAF donations.  These donations earn 1 point per $1,000 donated and do receive fractional point credit.

No seat has both a Tradition Fund donation and a TAF donation associated with it.  There are many seats that have no donation associated with them.