$500 Mike The Tiger 8 X 8 Paver

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After hitting "submit" above, you will be given the opportunity to enter your three line engraved message.  You are allowed 14 characters per line, which includes spaces.  All inscriptions will be centered and in all capital letters.  Once the inscription is entered, you will be asked if the brick is a gift.  If answering "yes", please fill out the information that is asked. *note: the email address that you enter will receive an email stating that a brick has been purchased and the email will include the inscription*

After selecting "make a payment" at the bottom of the order form, you will be directed to log into your TAF Donor Net account.  You can select "create a new account" if you have not logged into the TAF Donor Net system before.  If you are having issues logging into your TAF Donor Net account, please contact Nathan Triche at NathanT@lsutaf.org or (225)578-0163.

Each inscription will be reviewed by TAF and you will be notified if your inscription is not approved for placement.  Once your inscription is entered you will be sent to your shopping cart to review your order and make additional donations or check out.  This donation will continue to support the maintenance of the Mike the Tiger Habitat.


One paver order will be placed at the end of the sale period.  Engraving of the pavers takes approximately 10-13 weeks including transit time.  The pavers are usually installed within a week of receipt, depending on the weather.  The Mike the Tiger website is generally updated within two weeks after a new order is installed.  All orders will receive a card with their engraving printed as a memento of your donation.